“I’m not good at this…”

“I’m not good at this…yet.”

It’s amazing how that small three-letter word—yet—changes the entire meaning and direction of the sentence.

When we say we are not good at something, ending the comment there, we commit to a limiting belief and a fixed mindset telling ourselves that the trait is beyond our control and unlikely to change.

But when we add “yet” we open up the possibility of change. We move to a growth mindset, one where we see that with effort, planning, persistence and better strategies we can place ourselves on the path to success.

Lots of new kids are coming into gymnastics inspired by the Final Five and still others are returning to our clubs from summer breaks a bit rusty in their skills.  Gymnastics is a difficult sport and it is easy to get discouraged quickly.  So when our gymnasts tell us they aren’t good at something or cannot do a certain skill, remind them of the power of yet!


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